Monday Morning

A bad, very bad week

Temptations all around

Temptations every day

Every temptation taken, unresisted

No excuses, just because


Angry at myself

It will take weeks to undo

Monday morning

Begin the undoing, NOW

Start with 20 lashes burpees

Like this guy does them, with jump (no pushup, not strong enough)

Check. Did them

New week, great start

Happy new week everyone! If you had a bad week or weekend like I did, just start over. Now, not tomorrow. Right now. Not after dinner, not after that lunch spread. NOW. If you can’t start over now, for whatever reason, then promise yourself you will start over and pick the exact day and time you will start over. Promise yourself!

10 thoughts on “Monday Morning

    • Oh, Chinese food sounds so delicious. I don’t know why I’m so craving all these foods, normally I don’t have cravings! But I’m pretty sure it’s a mindset. So this week, NO cravings is what I’m telling myself.

      You can do this Rob. Remind yourself of why you want to be healthy. Just keep reminding yourself. You’re in a tough season now, but it’s tough, not impossible. Maybe your progress won’t be stellar, but keep trying. Any small step towards your goals is a step in the right direction.

      Let’s do this!

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  1. I woke up on Mother’s Day , stepped on the scale, after two days of fun filled activities and of course a Wine Fest , which killed any trying to make good choices and was shocked to see a 9lb gain!!!!! Sunday I ate really well and this morning was down by 3lbs.. so hopefully I can turn it around QUICKLY!!!!!!


  2. It’s so hard, isn’t it, Cynthia? My overeating begins at night and this evening after dinner when I started to want to graze I told myself, ‘You’re not hungry. Don’t start this. Be reasonable. If you’re going to eat, be sensible.’ But I ate too much. Not a binge, but just too much. Night time stress sucks. I need to find another way to address it. How did today go for you?

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    • Today went better. I tracked my calories again. That always helps me. My husband eats in the evening too and I’ve been trying to talk him through to see if he can start thinking about it instead of just eating. I don’t have this problem. I tend to just overeat in general when something tempting is available, like eating at a restaurant or someone else’s home. And then it’s no where near as healthy as the food I eat at home. Except for those darn gelato pops I like…


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