Happy Wednesday


I started my new plan of exercise. I’m really enjoying getting back into my dvd exercising and I know I need to do those strengthening exercises. My other plan was to aim for better breathing while running by pushing myself aerobically.

When I was out Monday running (and gasping for air) I got to thinking and it was nagging me that this was not the way to do it. Well, the gasping part. That doesn’t seem right to me. I wish I could afford an expert right about now. I really am confused on how hard to push myself.

I ran a mile to warm up, then tried some hill sprinting. The hill was a ton of fun actually. I got to run faster than normal (wheee) and so fun to hit the top and get to stop! I walked back down the hill to catch my breath and repeated 4 more times. (This isn’t a very big hill, just big to me).

When I got home two things happened. My shin started hurting and I found an encouraging comment on one of my posts by Runningcurves (thank you). She mentioned I should check out Jeff Galloway’s books about his using a run/walk ratio to qualify for Boston. So, while icing my shin, I checked out Jeff’s website. I have to say he makes a good case for his method. He claims a high success rate, faster times, and less injury. He says you should never run so hard that you can’t complete a sentence without gasping for air between words. Hmm, just what I was thinking. He said to always walk before getting to that point. I didn’t get through all his information or order a book yet, I was mostly checking out the beginner stuff. But he says this method is good for experienced runners also.

Based on the time you get doing his run test, you follow his recommendation for intervals repeating run/walk through the entire distance set for the day. This is how I started doing my c25k and somewhere I decided I needed to progress faster to running. Which lead to running until I couldn’t and then walking, which is what he says not to do.

I’m going to take what feels like a step backward and try this method to see how it goes.

Monday was also the day I set to sign up for some 5k’s and zumba class. Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are suggested I try zumba for some good aerobic work (thank you). I was able to find a local class starting soon. Since my shin was hurting (a lot) I decided to wait a few days on the 5k’s. But I signed up for the zumba class anyways, because I knew if I didn’t right away, I would chicken out. I really can’t dance and I really have trouble following any kind of routine. But I need to get over myself and do some social exercising. I really believe in pushing out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it works out ok, sometimes not (and that’s ok) but you don’t know unless you try! So next Tuesday evening (once a week meeting) I will start doing some cha-cha-cha-ing or maybe la-la-la-ing, I don’t have a clue.

The shin is doing better. I rested yesterday, no exercise at all. Today I will try a little run/walk and see how that goes.

18 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. Happy National Running Day, Cynthia! I am so impressed about your new routine and I can feel your excitement. I have to admit that while I feel I have energy and strength from swimming, when I do other things like walking hard, or even weeding, I can get really sore! It’s made me realize I do need to do a variety of movements for complete fitness. I think the idea of the social exercise class is a great idea. I tried yoga but felt the teacher didn’t really teach a beginner’s class as it was advertised. I think I’d like to try zumba, although like you, I’m not one who can easily learn dance routines. But years ago I was pretty good at aerobics. (Back in the days of headbands and leg warmers!). I’m so happy for you. Thanks for inspiring me.


  2. Good for you! Walk/Run is a great way to get into running, that’s how I started years ago. The good thing is that you are choosing a healthy lifestyle – be it running, zumba etc. Your going to get healthier πŸ™‚ Happy National Running Day!


  3. Wow, Zumba?! I’m so proud of you for pushing yourself outside your comfort zone for the sake of fitness! I know many, many women who have tried Zumba and LOVE it….they even admit that they never know what they are doing and sometimes have trouble following the instructor but have so much fun anyway! It’s also great because it literally works every muscle and is great cardio! Good for you, keep up the great work πŸ™‚


  4. Sounds like a good plan for the running! I did Zumba at the Y a few times…. If you are not the best at picking up the steps, just go to the back of the room, that’s where you’ll find others like you who will laugh with you about it… Then you can view all the perfect people who aren’t having anywhere near as much fun as you are…


  5. Yay Zumba! I really hope you enjoy it. My instructor says every week, “Don’t worry about the steps. It’s not about them. Just keep moving.” It takes a couple of sessions to pick up but once your body starts to remember the moves you can do it without thinking and then it’s really fun. I’m very uncoordinated and it’s still my best thing.


  6. You are right, Cynthia, sometimes it’s difficult to know when to push yourself and know when to not. Taking a step back is a great idea. I had to do it so many times. It took me almost a year of trying to run to sign up for my first 5k. I used Galloway method in my first half marathon and it got me through and at a decent first HM time…for me. The way I started enjoying running was just to relax and run the way I wanted. I ran when I wanted, walked when I wanted. I’d pick a point along the route to try to run to. I’d do fast sprints then walk…I did so many combinations of things. I personally think running is the best thing for me. It saved my sanity and maybe my life….but I still like enjoying just a nice run/walk and enjoy the scenery. Zumba?? You are braver than me. You will have a great time. I always see smiles and sweat in those classes. Thats the best way to exercise! I have wanted to so many times but have 2 left feet! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. That’s encouraging to hear your story πŸ™‚ I am a little worried about the zumba for sure. I’m hoping I get a class where it’s about fun and moving ,not how coordinated I am.


  7. I’ve never done Zumba before. I’ve seen it around and all but have never done it. I guess because of the lack of time I have. That’s why I really appreciate HIIT. Even If I can’t get in 1/2 hour (or more of exercise) I can do 12-16 minutes and really rev up the metabolism.
    Sorry to hear about you getting hurt again. First it was your hips right? Take care of yourself.


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