Zoom… bah!

After a day of high anxiety waiting for my first zumba class, it flew by so fast it went Zoom! Because it never happened! Bah! I drove to the unfamiliar location posted on the recreation department website. I parked and waited. I drove around everywhere, but couldn’t find any zumba class. I even drove around to other possible locations. When I called the recreation department this morning to find out why I couldn’t find the zumba class, this is how the conversation went:

Me: There was no one at the zumba class. Maybe they canceled because of the rain?

Her: She told me it started on the 10th. Hmmm. Did you say it was raining?

Me: Yes.

Her: hmmm.

Me: There were no cars in the lot, maybe I had the wrong location?

Her: They meet in the pavilion.

Me (?!?): Where’s the pavilion?

Her: It’s between Evergreen and the Middle School.

Me: I drove all around the two schools, I didn’t see any cars or class. Where would they usually park?

Her: They usually park in the circle. Let me check, I’ll get back to you.

(I’m wondering what the circle is.)


Her (two hours later): She said she cancels class if it’s raining.

Me (somewhat sarcastically): Ok. That’s good to know . Just so you know, the website says the class is behind Evergreen. I kind of assumed it was the playground there behind the school.

Her: Oh. Well, they might move around to find the shade.

Me (trying not to burst out laughing): Ok, I guess next week I’ll just look around for them.