Chain Lakes Trail – Mt. Baker Wilderness


I finally have to say good-bye to summer. I dragged summer through September because I wasn’t ready to move on. Our summer was pretty lame around here. It rained a lot and never got very hot. At the end of September I visited my brother and went for the best hike I’ve ever done. Even better than the ones I took last spring, here, here, and here. First, I had a hiking buddy this time. My sister-in-law chose the hike for the two of us. A long 8 mile hike up and down through the mountains in the wilderness in black bear country. Second, the views were amazing. Something from the movies. Or a postcard. Indescribably gorgeous. And serene. And quiet. If you stopped and listened, you heard nothing! Not a car, not a TV, not a voice, not a phone. Nothing. Third, I was in much better shape. I even got adventurous and tried some running. Walking on the trails is hard enough not to twist an ankle. Running was a little scary! But fun.

Most of the trail was single person wide. Quite a bit of it was slippery mud. The rest was rocks, ranging from gravel all the way up to boulder climbing. Being in the mountains, there were plenty of stream crossings. Most were about 1-2 ft across with 1-3 inches of flowing water. Most of the trail was decorated with wild blueberries, a little past their prime, but still very edible.

We started at about 4700 ft elevation. The air was thin and took some getting used to. We went up and down a lot. Our first peak height reached was about 5200 ft. Then back down to about 4700 ft around the lakes. Our second peak height was about 5500 ft, then down to about 4200 ft around another lake. Then back up to the car.

Enjoy the views with me:

Looking back on the trail that came straight across that steep slope.

Looking back on the trail that came straight across that steep slope.


I ran alongside this rushing, babbling waterfalling mountain stream-river. How cool is that?


Uhoh, which way does the trail go?

IMG_8130 IMG_8125 IMG_8151 IMG_8147 IMG_8138 selfie IMG_8153 IMG_8161

17 thoughts on “Chain Lakes Trail – Mt. Baker Wilderness

  1. Welcome back, Cynthia! I’m not thrilled with Summer being over, either. Your photos are beautiful! Looks like a wonderful time!


  2. Yay! And welcome back to your blog, Cynthia! Those photos are breathtaking and I enjoyed hearing about how wonderful the hike made you feel. It looks like my neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest. I don’t want to gloat, but the summers here are so amazing (it’s still 80 degrees today!) but then we generally have tons of rainy weather almost to July.


  3. So beautiful!! The pictures are so amazing, I can only imagine how much more amazing it was to physically be there!! An experience to remember for sure! Welcome back πŸ™‚


  4. Wow, the pictures made me crave hike! will go on one as soon as get the chance to. but what i love about hiking the most is that its the best bonding activity, nothing can bring you closer to people but being in the woods and living the adventure! not only that but also enjoying the breathtaking views together!! It was lovely reading all about it..


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