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I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to get this post together, but… it’s time for me to check in and see where I’m at on my path to living a healthy lifestyle. (Sorry for the cliché, anyone have a better term for this?) Being healthy is something I value highly and living my life according to that value is very important to me. As we all know, it’s not always easy to live a healthy life. It can be very hard sometimes. I certainly struggle with it. Old habits are hard to break. But it’s important to me, so I will continue to pursue it. I know I’m getting better at it, in the big picture. So let’s just see how I grade myself on the last 5 or so months.


Weight – B

Since May, I have not been actively trying to lose weight. So why do I give myself such a high grade as ‘B’? Because I’m so happy that I haven’t gained any weight back. This entire time I maintained the same weight. I admit to eating a lot of unhealthy foods (see below). I think one key to maintaining for me is to listen carefully to my sense of hunger. Am I hungry? Am I full now? Do I want to eat for a reason other than hunger. I try to stop eating when I am full and not overeat. Overeating = weight gain, for me. I’m not saying I spent a lot of mental energy on this, it’s just natural for me now.

Another key to maintaining for me is exercise. The past few months has been running exclusively. I’m not really a running blogger, but running has been consuming my life lately. Thoughts, reading, doing, shopping, planning, racing, socially. I love it and can’t get enough of it. For me, running gives me energy, burns a lot of calories, and boosts my mood.

To leave the overweight BMI category, I need to lose another 10-12 pounds. I would like to lose another 10 pounds beyond that to feel comfortable. Even though that would put me at a weight higher than my younger days, I’m trying to be realistic and not expect to be as thin as I used to be.


Exercise – B

I’m really happy with my level of dedication and commitment to exercising. I’m not so happy that I have focused on running only and avoided strengthening exercises. I think the hard part is the dedication and commitment, so I’ll give myself an overall pretty high grade of ‘B’.


Eating and Drinking – D

Yes, this lack of effort earns a solid ‘D’. That’s an almost failing grade. It’s not failing though, because I have maintained my weight and I do eat some healthy foods. But, I have eaten way too much junk. White flour and sugar junk. I’d have to say I drank more alcohol than I would like to. All those summer festivals and cookouts. Lots of summer junk!

Overall Grade on Living a Healthy Lifestyle – C

I don’t mean ‘C’ in the sense of average. I have no idea what an average attempt at living a healthy lifestyle would look like. I mean that grade in terms of where I was, where I’d like to be, and what my effort has been towards getting where I’d like to be. So, not failing. But plenty of room for improvement.

Moving forward

It’s pretty clear to me what to do. My goals have not changed. There’s no magic pixie dust that will help me achieve my goals. Pretty much just have to do it. I’ve done it before. This is a reality check that I could do better at this. And furthermore, I want to do better at it. I believe my level of self esteem hinges on living my life according to the things I value.

Do you ever grade yourself?

How would you rate your lifestyle in terms of healthiness?

Are you happy with your lifestyle or always trying to do better?

21 thoughts on “Lifestyle Audit

  1. Cynthia, if I graded myself, I’d end up at detention at the principals office. I really should grade myself. That might provide the visual shock of the lack of progress that I’m mired in.

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  2. I love your grading system of your lifestyle! I am going to do that. Awesome idea and an honest assessment of where you are and want to be. Being honest with yourself is key, I think. Great job on maintaining your weight. That is the hardest part of it all. I struggle with that daily. Healthy lifestyle is a great word for it…not cliche at all to me. It’s an overall assessment. Congratulations on continuing your running. I’m like you, I need to branch out into other exercises that strengthen besides running. Now, young lady…let’s work on the “D” grade and bring it up! 🙂


    • Thanks, Charlotte. Yeah, denial is not very helpful, is it? Getting a D is painful, I’ll be working hard to bring it up! At this point I know I would fail the 21 day no junk food challenge. Cold turkey would put me into shock. But that’s a great idea and will consider for the near future doing that. It really would be a good way to get back on track and be ready for what the holiday season is going to throw at us.

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  3. Kudos to you, Cynthia, for taking an objective look at those big 3 areas: weight, exercise and diet. Congrats on maintaining the weight — this is a big WIN as far as I’m concerned, and on the exercise! On diet and overall lifestyle, hey, you have taken a look at where you’ve been, and you know where you’re going. That’s the magic pixie dust right there: you have a plan and you are focused. Go get it!


  4. Cynthia, you’re doing an amazing job! I definitely think it’s hard for people to be honest with themselves, so a big round of applause to YOU for being open and honest about your goals. You’re so beautiful! It’s never easy hitting everything at an average grade, so congrats on a job well done!! xoxo


  5. This is a cool concept. I’ve never graded myself but would probably give me an overall B+. I feel I could do better in the nutrition and now that I am NOT training for anything specific I feel like my running has suffered in the last two weeks.
    Pat yourself on the back. you’ve done a great job!


    • Thanks, Anna! It is easier to stay on track when training, but I think you earned a little break for your hard work and running that half marathon. I’d give you an A for sure 😉 I really hope some day I can run a half, but we’ll see. I have a long ways to go. That’s one thing I love about running, there’s so many levels and goals to aim for.


      • It sounds like you’ve got the running bug which is great. You will run a half marathon some day – it will happen – you just have to believe it! I never thought it would be something I would do and I did it 8 years ago. Took me until now to do my 2nd but it was all worth it!

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  6. Looks to me like you are having more wins with this healthy lifestyle thing 🙂 My husband often talks about a ‘way of life’ rather than a lifestyle – much of a muchness I think. I’m very impressed that you’ve maintained your weight and that being aware of your hunger is now second nature to you. I think overall you need higher than a C! You’re still on the right track even though you might not be as far along as you would like. Many get off track completely but you are still there doing it and working towards your goals. Little steps in the right direction = winner!!!


    • Thanks, Annie. I like “way of life”- it’s true! I love your insight, it’s always nice to get other people’s perspective. You’re right, I may not be doing everything how I wish, but I am still working on it, at a pace I can handle. I love this: Little steps in the right direction = winner!!! 🙂


  7. So nice to see you blogging again! I think what you’ve accomplished is amazing. You’re living in the real world with real world temptations and you are maintaining your weight. I’d rate that as a B++ myself. Just because you’re “only” running and not doing weight training is no reason to take away any points. You’re truly an inspiration!


  8. This is an important post for me to read. I’ve slipped backwards. Gained a few pounds, not exercised consistently, eaten less veggies and more heavy foods. Thank you for making me think and confront.

    Congratulations on maintaining. That is huge. So much harder than we think it will be!


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