Ugly Sweater Run

In my small rural community, we are slowly building a small group of women who love to run and love working on our health and fitness. We’re there to encourage and inspire each other. I met two new local women Sunday when six of us participated in the Ugly Sweater Run 5k (a fun run) at the lakefront of our neighboring big city.

It was 36° F and windy on the lakefront. I was wearing too many layers and too cold to get many pictures. I ended up walking the 5k with a little jog here and there. My friend and I had decided to walk the event since she was just recovering from the flu and I was not feeling in the racing mood at all. I do not like the cold weather and struggle even more with my breathing than normal. We participated for the spirit of it and the fun and…

We had a lot of fun! The costumes were really fun to look at. I wish I had gotten some better pictures. All I managed to wear was the ugly sweater part. I was too busy trying to figure out how to stay warm and didn’t think of all the options for a costume. Next year I’ll be wiser. A special treat was pre-race hot chocolate and also at the two water stations. Of course I had to sample it at the first station, yum.

Here we are with Frosty. Any guess who sponsored the event? (Sorry for the poor quality, I grabbed these pictures from someone else’s FB)


Who do you think has the ugliest sweater?


Some of the less-interesting costumes waiting to start. Cute Rudolph nose! Too bad I cut it off:


My very first after-race-party:

after party

In case you’re wondering what this lakefront park looks like, I’ve included some pictures I took in warmer weather (click to scroll through larger images):


12 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Run

  1. I love that idea! I don’t know about you, but I think all of those Christmasy sweaters are horribly beautiful. They’re required, kind of like fruit cake. It looks like it’s a lot of fun!


  2. I thought all the sweaters (or jumpers as we call them in Australia, jerseys as the Kiwis call them) looked rather festive 🙂 Loved all the race beanies too. And how lovely to have a group of local ladies to do fitness things with, that’s cool. It’s so much easier to keep going when there are others to be accountable too. Loved the photos 🙂


  3. What a beautiful place to run! I am very jealous! I love ugly sweaters and ugly sweater 5ks! I know you had a great time. 5ks aren’t only about running….it’s about socializing and I love Brats! 🙂


  4. Cynthia, I’m so impressed! I still hope someday to at least walk a race. It just seems like such great camaraderie. I love the whole concept of honoring ugly sweaters! Congrats on braving the cold and finishing a race. xox


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