What happened?

Well, it started out innocent enough by taking a “break” for the holidays and next thing I know, it’s March. Time to get 2015 started…

How to say three months worth of stuff in one post? I’ll summarize and hope this gets me back in the posting groove.

I finished 2014 doing the Run a Mile a Day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s challenge. Except for the Ugly Sweater 5k that I ended up walking, I ran 1-2 miles every day! I was curious to see if I could do it, because I was content with 3 days a week running. A mental block which I busted right through. One mile was not enough and the bottom line is that I started out the new year in worse running shape than the previous autumn, but who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t committed to the challenge.

I gained about 4 pounds over the holidays, which I have since lost. But I have struggled with bad cravings for sweets.

I won a Tranquil Force headband! What, me? Anna at Piper’s Run held a drawing and I received an awesome package in my mailbox from Canada! Thank you, Anna 🙂


I started back on track with fitness at the beginning of the year using this routine:

  • Monday – run, speed work
  • Tuesday – strength
  • Wednesday – run, easy
  • Thursday – run, hill work
  • Friday – strength
  • Saturday – run, long

Yes, six days a week! Increasing my mileage each week by 10%. I was on a roll… until I got sick February 5 (flu and sinus infection). I’m still recovering.

On the fitness end, I also started an Insanity class that meets twice a week, the day I got sick. Because I love it and really need the strength work, I’m letting the class take priority over running while I recover. Plus, there’s plenty of an aerobic workout to the Insanity class. It wipes me out!



My weight is still staying in the same range it has since last May (talk about “setpoint”). My eating has been even worse since the holidays. A couple weeks ago I started investigating fasting because I had been hearing a lot about it. I liked what I was hearing and thought I would experiment with it. I started a week and a half ago extending my overnight fast to 16 hours. It’s been very interesting, and worth it’s own post. I will say, after a week, my severe cravings for sweets had almost disappeared. Of course, that could be coincidence, but I’m happy about it.

Now to get my running back where it was. I’m trying not to get discouraged or give up or whine. I signed up for a race in June and I’m starting to wonder if I can make that happen. The race is 6.55 miles and I walked/ran that plenty of times last summer, but I’m so off track that distance feels daunting.




19 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Welcome back! I’ve had a really rough February – so you’re not alone, sister.

    On the fasting thing – just be careful not to slow your metabolism down too much, which will later bite you in the ass when you go back to regular eating.

    Welcome back! <- Oh yeah, I already said that. But, you know, it's good to have you back.


  2. To me you sound like you did great! 4 lb weight gain only! You’ve lost it already.. And, different work out routines. I think you’re being too hard on yourself. You can totally do that 10k… Good job Cynthia. 🙂 I haven’t run past 3 miles in months.. So injured… But, I am trying to get back to myself, also.


  3. I’m so glad to see you back! Getting back to blogging can be tough after a break. I think with a positive mindset you will be good to go for your June race. That’s great that you started doing Insanity! I believe that will only help your training. 🙂


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