Where’s This Weight Coming From?

Hi bloggers everywhere! I’ve been gaining weight (only 5ish pounds) and not sure why. To summarize my recent weight background for you… I have gained weight and lost it off and on the last twelve years. After completing my masters degree two years ago which included a lot of sitting-time, stress and lack of sleep, I found myself 44 pounds overweight, but really at least 60 pounds higher than a weight I’m comfortable at. I refocused on eating healthy and exercise and lost 30 pounds in about nine months. I maintained that (and some more at times) loss for a whole year, easy-peasy.

My new best bud, Gracie.

My new best bud, Gracie.

Something changed this spring. I gradually gained 5 pounds. I think I have it stopped now, but time will tell. I’m not sure what happened, but here are some of my thoughts.


The same: I’m still running. Not the distances I was hoping for, but 3-4 times a week, totaling 10-12 miles. Usually one day hills, one day speed, one day easy, one day “long”.
Different: I added two days a week of Insanity. It’s not at home with DVD’s but a class run through the recreation department.
Possible problem: Overtraining. It doesn’t sound like it, but honestly, I’m really tired a lot. First, Insanity is brutal. By the end of the 50 minutes you are spent and dripping with sweat. Second, I could use a second rest day sometimes. But I feel like I don’t exercise that much and really want to increase my mileage. Not sure what to do.
Possible problem: Hunger. I’m hungry all the time. I have been able to identify some of this due to fatigue. I’m eating to get more energy when I’m tired. The solution would be to either sleep more or train less. Drink more water.
Possible problem: Not enough distance for my long run. I prefer longer distances for my long run to burn more calories and to enjoy the runner’s high, with less miles on the weekday runs. Now to get myself to run longer.

Surveying the world from the safety of the brush

Surveying the world from the safety of the brush


Different: Eating lots of the wrong foods. Candy, sweets, chips type things. Grabbing for the easiest thing when I’m hungry, hungry, hungry.
Possible problem: Eating the wrong foods does not satisfy nutritional needs and causes even more hunger. Eating refined carbohydrates causes cravings for refined carbohydrates. There is only one solution to this – stop eating the wrong foods. This could also be contributing to my fatigue.

Different: I tried fasting 16 hours a day. This was an experiment I did for a couple weeks.
Possible problem: I felt deprived and starving. I think there was some backlash from this. I find myself eating faster now (aka shoveling the food in). I’ve never been a particularly fast eater, but now I eat sometimes as though it might be my last meal ever.

Different: I tried a high-protein diet with some girlfriends to kick off summer. I lost 4 pounds (ten pounds less than I weigh now).
Possible problem: Again I think there was some backlash to feeling a bit deprived. Diets suck!

Those are my thoughts, can you tell I’m a problem-solver?

Let's Go! Let's Go! Run! Run!

Let’s Go! Let’s Go! Run! Run!

Here’s my Action Plan:

  • tweak my exercise habits
  • cut out the junk food (so hard to do)
  • make sure I’m well-rested
  • start blogging again
Gracie, our two year old rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound

Gracie, our two year old rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound

25 thoughts on “Where’s This Weight Coming From?

  1. I think you identified the issues. One, stop eating all the sugar. Sugar releases insulin, and if there is too much for the insulin to handle it will shuttle it to the liver to be stored as fat. This includes artificial sweeteners. Your body doesn’t know the difference.

    Two, remember that weight is lost in the kitchen, not the track. You can exercise all you want but if you are not eating right you will not lose weight, and will probably gain.

    Three, train less, not more (or longer). Studies have show that more weight is lost by using short interval sessions rather than long slow sessions. Contact me if you’d like some source material on this. I’m more than happy to provide.

    Lastly, do NOT diet. Change lifestyles. Diets mean, at their core, a short lived practice. Once you meet a goal from dieting do you stop? Yes, and then you gain it all back. Changing your lifestyle is the key.

    Eat REAL food. Not packaged products. Not shakes (regardless of how much trainers push them on you, Shakeology and Isagenix and the like are not good for you). eat whole fruits, not juices (all they are is sugar and no fiber).

    Anything I can do to help please let me know.

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    • Wow, I appreciate your brutal honesty. It’s just what I need to hear right now. I’m in agreement that I feel the eating is the biggest factor. I’ve come to believe the evidence that dieting is not the way to go, but from years of them being promoted it is tough to dismiss the possibility that the next diet is “the answer” or to not like the immediate weight loss they can give. I find your comment about shakes interesting. I have also recently added protein shakes after my workouts, something I was not doing before. They are organic whey or vegetable sweetened with stevia, which I was thinking was ok. But you are right, they are not the same as eating real food. I’m going to cut them out. Thank you for your insights!

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  2. I agree, diets suck. I tried dieting and restricting my calories while I was eating animal products. Recently, I’ve cut out animal products out of my diet (meat,fish,dairy and eggs) and I eat whenever I want, as much as I want and whatever I want. (As long as it’s high carb, low fat and plant-based). I was a size 12/14 but now I am a size 6/8. I’m the leanest, fittest and strongest I have ever been. And the best thing is I’ve cured myself from diseases I had and no longer need any medication. I really really hope you look into eating a plant based diet. It can do wonders for your body. And you get to eat lots! haha 🙂 Good luck.

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  3. Cynthia – Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. I think you have some good ideas in this post about your weight. I agree with the brutal honest comment. I would like to emphasize one of his points that you need to understand – You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.
    One of my problems when I had a weight problem was that I wanted to just lose a few pounds so I could go back to eating junk. It never worked.
    Best of luck!

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  4. Love your Action Plan, Cynthia. Have you thought about putting it on your fridge and letting those nearest and dearest know about it? That way it will be right there reminding you and you’ll hopefully get some support. Rather than feeling deprived about not eating some foods think of it as not putting bad things into your body – you’re doing something good by not putting rubbish into your system. It’s easy for me to say because I’ve cut out sugar, it took two weeks of not feeling good, then all of a sudden I felt great and wouldn’t eat it again on a regular basis. Whatever you decide to do even if the Action Plan has some pits and troughs, just keep on trying! Loved your post with all the problem solving.

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    • Thank you, Annie, for your encouragement! I like your suggestions, I really need to fix this! There was a time I didn’t eat sugar. I did as you said, I would think of it as “poison” and that mind set really worked. Somehow I let it slowly sneak back in until it’s now a huge problem. I will post my action plan on the fridge, although I’m a bit doubtful on getting support… It’s a bit frustrating to take a step backwards, but I will keep trying!

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  5. It’s the food that’s the hardest for anyone. If it was easy there wouldn’t be a a katrillion dollar industry built around it. I am like you.. It’s my diet that I have a hard time with. I think I need to be hypnotized!! Ha ha.. Stay strong. xo


    • Now that’s a good point. How successful can we expect to be when the food industry does everything in its power ($$$) to provide us with cheap, unhealthy, addicting junk? Thanks for your support!

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  6. Welcome back! I am hard at work trying to lose more weight in order be at a healthy BMI in order to be able to get some non essential but important medical treatment. So far I have lost the 3kg I put on on holiday earlier this year plus 4 more. 9 to go. I’ve basically gone to brown carbs, lean protein and LOTS of fruit and veg. I’m also weighing all my food to ensure that I don’t up being the victim of my portion control issues. I’ve found that planning is extremely important especially when it comes to having healthy snacks at hand. I am also realising that I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted because I was working out A LOT but deep down inside I knew I was lying to myself… you cannot out train your diet.

    You need to make sure you have stat least 2 rest days per week or you won’t be able to recover from your workouts and you’ll do more harm than good.


    • Hi Abbi! Thanks for sharing your story, I was wondering how you were doing lately with weight and fitness. Sounds like you’re on a good plan, best wishes. I do seem to do better when I have 2 rest days. And I’m bad with the healthy snacking for sure! I do need to plan better, not buy junk, and make sure there’s plenty of healthy food in the house. But I do get tired of all the planning, tracking, weighing (food, not me!).


  7. Weight is such a weird thing, and five pounds could even amount to mostly water weight. To me it sounds like you’re working out quite a bit. Is it possible that this is muscle gain, which weighs more than fat? How do you feel? Do your clothes feel the same?

    I think you’ve learned that extreme diets don’t work (in that the weight loss doesn’t last) and make you yo-yo, but a consistent eating plan does result in weight loss for you. That’s a lesson for all of us. It’s not as quick, but it’s lasting.

    So glad to see you blogging again!


  8. First off… Gracie is gorgeous! Your action plan is on point but may I suggest the following… add one day of liquids/juicing. I did because I had platued and the scale was not moving. U R right about changing up your exercise because the BODY becomes accustomed to anything. Junk food is the killer 4 me as well. I don’t bring it in my house ANYMORE because no matter how I tell myself I’m just going to have one cookie… it’s a lie. AND somehow by putting your thought & goals out into the universe helps us heal and grow and by sharing one’s struggles not only helps u but others going through the same things.

    U got this NOW execute!


    • Thanks Bridgette! I really appreciate your encouragement. I haven’t tried juicing yet… lazy and a little worried I’d just be starving. I’m really doing good now about not buying the junk food, but it’s really hard. Gracie is awesome! I think I’ve found the breed that it my doggie-soul-mate-breed. She is so much fun to have around in spite of all the work helping her deal with her fears. She clearly had been abused 😦

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      • Gracie has u & u have her… the 2 of u can take care of one another!

        NOTE: Never trust a person who can’t love a dog! I’m just saying… Brïdgêtté 😁

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