Balloonfest 5k


I ran my second 5k this past Saturday. And in a few weeks I will run another! Bam!

This one was another one in my own town. Two in one year for this small town, crazy. It was the inaugural Balloonfest “Morning Launch” 5k. For this first time, there were many glitches. But, oh well.

Through my running neighbor, I met two new women from the area that are close to my age and are new at running. Now this is cool! First, that my neighbor is inspiring all of us to run πŸ™‚ and second, that there are other women my age new to running in the area πŸ™‚

The morning registration included some music with a DJ. Pretty nice way to start out the morning and get everyone in a good mood. I spied a donut stand nearby too, but that was the last thing I wanted with my nervous stomach. Shortly before start time we had some guided warm ups, also a much appreciated thing.

This was an interesting course, which we only found out on the morning of. It turns out many people were a little surprised by it. And I’m pretty sure that I might not of signed up had I known it. We started out on grass. Then went up a short steep hill onto a narrow trail in a pine stand. This rooty, rocky trail continued until it emptied out on grass just shy of a mile. At this point we were diverted onto a road and faced yet another hill. And it was hill after hill. They weren’t big hills, after all it’s only 5k, but for me who can’t do hills it seemed like an eternity of hills. Did I mention there were people with strollers? On the grass. And on the hills. Funny how there seems to be so many uphills and so few downhills. I tried the mantra “I love hills!” with some success. (Thank you to all of you who suggested using mantras.) The road portion looped through a subdivision and got to a point where we were heading back along the route we came out on. Back through the pines and grass to the same place we started from.

It amazes me that even though I was exhausted- the same old huffing and puffing and can’t catch my breath- that I could find this incredible energy the last stretch across the grass to sprint through the finish. There were only 210 of us and I came in at 146. I managed to improve my time from two weeks ago and got a PR of 43:03. I have no idea how that happened. It sure felt like I was going slow with all the hills. Maybe they mis-measured the course (wouldn’t surprise me…) But I’m happy with the time. There were no age-group awards, only top 3 under-18 and top 3 18+. Darn, I was hoping to pull the age-card again!

balloonfest 5k

It was a great course (I loved the trail through the pine trees), but tough for a beginner. And tough for children and tough for strollers. I don’t know if they will change it next year due to our complaining. I guess it depends on where they’re going with this 5k. Do they want a family friendly (aka strollers and kids running) course or something more competitive? Either way, better communication would be good, so we all know what we’re signing up for.


I was disappointed that the balloons were not launched while we ran (as advertised). They had already taken off well before 7 am when we arrived. So I wasn’t able to get pictures as I had hoped. We didn’t even attend the two day festival this year, so I had to get some pictures from others. For the festival, they launch the balloons in the morning and evening and do a nighttime glow. Saturday after dinner we could see them in the distance in the sky as we left the restaurant, so we drove close enough to get some photos. The one below is my own. The balloons by then were pretty far off and I had to use the full zoom on the iPhone, but even then most were too far. This one turned out great.


My First

I ran in an official timed 5k! It was amazing! {Sorry for the excitement πŸ™‚ } I was so nervous and waited to sign up until just a few days before, but at least didn’t wait until day of when I could easily have just not. I had a pretty bad run (slow) two days before this, so I was worried how I would do. This small 5k is promoted as a fast 5k because it’s flat (yay, no hills). This brings a few who are looking for a new PR. I was impressed with the group. These were real athletes in my small little town. And here I was doing the same thing they were doing. Waiting for the start, I spotted a man with an Ironman tattoo on his calf. Holy Cow! There were also plenty of first-timers just completing a local couch-to-5k program and also lots of children racing. There were lots of families and groups that knew each other. I was with my neighbor, her son (BQ) and her sister visiting from out of town. I got to experience first-hand the camaraderie of runners that I’ve heard so much about from you running bloggers.

river city fourth 5k

I lined up at the very back of the pack. I had my Jeff Galloway app all queued up. The gun went off and I was thinking okay, I guess it’s “time to run” (Jeff Galloway voice). He encouraged me the whole way, telling me when it was “time to walk” and “time to run”. I was encouraged early on when I was able to pass some people and I thought that at least I wouldn’t be last over the finish line. A large part of the race I was with an older man who’s running style resembled shuffling to me. It was kind of comic that I would catch and pass him on my run and he would catch and pass me on my walk. Back and forth we went until at about mile 2 I was able to get ahead and stay ahead of him. The last mile was tough. The sun was hot and my stomach was upset. I really tried to think that in a few minutes it would be over, so now was not the time to slow down, no matter how bad I felt.

I did finish and it felt so good. I couldn’t have been happier. When they started handing out medals, I realized they were giving to 5th place for age groups. Oh, my, goodness!! I looked at the results sheet and sure enough, there were only four of us women in my age group. What?!? That meant that no matter what my time, I was going to get a medal. Okay, maybe I was proud of myself for finishing and even proud my time was better than I was expecting. But it sure was fun to get a medal. All I could think was how lucky I was to be old (haha).

Here’s the data:

River City Fourth 5k
July 4, 2014 8:00a
Method: Galloway run/walk (1 min/1 min ratio)
43:44 Gun time
42:35 Watch time
327/342 Overall
4/4 Age group

One thing I found amazing about this experience was the very young and very old racing. I could not believe it. The youngest age group was 9 & under, with the best times of 25:52 (female) and 24:01 (male). Wow. Of the 17 kids under 10, only two had a time slower (slightly) than mine. The youngest of the whole race was a boy who was 5 with a time of 41:31. I hope these kids stick with the healthy lifestyle and really hope they aren’t being pushed by adults. I remember when my kids were in sports how hard it was for me to differentiate between encouraging and pushing. I guess the best way to encourage is to be an example and when it comes to any kind of sports/fitness I was definitely not an example for my kids. Well, better late than never.

Now, for the very old. The oldest age group represented was 75 & older. For the women there were two 78 year olds with the fastest at 39:41 and the second just behind me at 45:54. I hope I can still run at 78 and I hope I can have a time like that too! Amazing! For the men, there were two 75 year olds with the fastest at 36:35 and the second just behind me at 45:09. It turns out he was the man I ran back and forth with during the middle of the race. In this small race, there were 39 people older than me and most of them with times better than me. This is so inspiring to me. I don’t care what my age is now. I just want to run and hope my health will allow me to for a long time.

This upcoming Saturday I will be doing the local Balloon Fest Morning Launch 5k. It’s the first year for this 5k, so it should be interesting. I’m already getting those knots in my stomach and it’s only Monday. I hope this gets a little easier with experience.


Full disclosure: my medal may have been gotten by default of only four of us in my age group, but the other three here earned their medals by their times!



The Color Run Racine, Part 2

The colorful shirt we got

The colorful shirt we got

I was hoping to keep this post a little shorter than Part 1 of my report on the Color Run last Saturday. I can tell by how much I have to say that this really meant a lot to me and was a major step in my progress. So please bear with me, I apologize.

The 5k

We were instructed at the start line that walkers should stay to the right and runners to the left. I didn’t really know what I should label myself in that regard, but I didn’t worry about it too much. I was just going to do my thing and either move to the right or left as needed to do my thing. We began running and my friend learned quickly that it would be slow for me. She stayed by my side the entire distance, but my family disappeared right away.

Not even a quarter mile in, we hit a hill and already I was down to walking! I knew the hill was there from looking ahead at the course, so I was expecting it and tried not to get bummed. My friend’s approach was to let me know that was ok and to pick a point where we would start running again (top of the hill).

There were so many people there and lots of groups of friends, family, small children. The groups of walkers didn’t stay to the right so much as they were enjoying each others’ company and in the narrower sections of the course the run involved lots of weaving in and out. We were fortunate to have been near the front of the six thousand and it was much less crowded for us. It was fun to see the experienced runners whiz by dodging us all, not a care in the world. And even more fun, was that I was passing people. (One of my anxious visions was that I would be passed by everyone and come across the finish dead last. A bit ridiculous considering this was a fun run.)

Here’s how my friend encouraged me:

  • Don’t think about how thirsty you are, forget that. The important thing is you’re here doing this. (In other words, don’t think about the negative, focus on the positive.)
  • Check your watch, what’s your pace? Try to monitor your pace as you run and be consistent.
  • There’ll be water at the half-way point, you’re almost there.
  • You can’t stop running until you hit a mile! (The only time she pushed me, I made it)
  • When you need to walk, pick and name a point and get to it before you stop. (One point I picked was a group of walking people, a moving target! Not smart.)
  • Once you catch your breath start running again.
  • Watch out for cracks and uneven sidewalk.
  • Check your watch, how far have we gone? (Sometimes this was not a good thing if it was not as far as I was hoping!)
  • She didn’t push, just encouraged. She let me go at my own pace and decide when to walk and run. This was great the first time, but I can see how I could use a little pushing. I learned that I can push myself.
  • She talked to me a lot, the whole way. This was so nice, but oh, my, I had a hard time answering her since I was so out of breath. (This is the part I hate about my running and why I have to walk and don’t know why it’s such a struggle for me)

The course was very nice. It was in a city I don’t visit much, especially in the last few years. It started and ended in a park along the shore of sun sparkling Lake Michigan, below the technical college where I received one of my degrees. It then wandered over to a small marina and up into town along the main street where I had several memories to think about as I ran. There were two hills, the second one was just before half way and the point where I said (out loud) “Three miles is a long way!” (Really? No, it’s not!) The course finished with a big downhill back to the lake, a road I drove often to the parking lot for the two years I was at that college. I have to say, this is the fun part of running for me, to run along roads where my view is usually from driving. You get such a different perspective. And the weather couldn’t have been nicer. About 65F/18C and bright sunshine.

The color stations were crazy! A huge cloud of colored cornstarch in the air. No escaping it really, unless you found a way to go around. The coloring was a bit slow of course. This is not an excuse for my slow time, I used these stations as a needed walk time by making sure I ran all the way up to them. There were two lines of squirters on either side of the road and you lined up with one or the other to get squirted as you walked through. You had to spin around to make sure you got your coloring balanced.

When I crossed the finish line, I stopped my watch and took a peek. I was hoping for anything under 48 minutes, because I slacked off so much the last month or so. But wouldn’t it be nice to get under 45? My watch time was 44:41. Yay! Looking at this in a positive light, there’s lots of room for improvement!

Pretty fancy finish!

Pretty fancy finish!


Crossing the finish line, we were handed a color packet, a bottle of water and a Kind bar. Nice! All my anxiety vanished and I thought to myself that it was just like a really fun workout! I know my next 5k will be a real one and then the anxiety will help me, but in this case, I wish I would have just relaxed and let myself have more fun. Next year!

It was a huge party. There was a stage and a band playing and a big cloud of color over the crowd as people sprayed their packets to get the final two colors of orange and green. We did not end up participating in that part. We were trying to find everyone, none of us had phones to connect with or cameras to take pictures!

We ended up going to the local diner and having breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, fried potatoes. I looked at the menu and thought I should order something really yummy like eggs benedict. But I was feeling so high and so healthy, I didn’t really want anything like that. A little bacon and fried potatoes would be treat enough.

What’s Next?

I plan to sign up for some official, timed 5k’s this summer and fall. I haven’t done it yet, but I want to.

1) I plan to get back to daily exercise with lots of variety. One thing I will focus on is anything aerobic that will help me to not get out of breath while running.Β I’m thinking: hill sprints, jumping jacks, jumping anything, stairs. My main fitness goal is still to run an entire 5k without stopping to walk.

2) Lose some weight and end this plateau. I still have at least 25 pounds to lose. Any weight loss will help me run better.