Monday Weigh In

184.5. Down 2 pounds. I am back on schedule for losing 1.13 pounds per week after that gain a few weeks ago. I have had a great change in attitude by thinking a lot about how important getting healthy is to me. I think about the ways I have allowed other things to interfere with my health and not behaved according to what I value. I am constantly checking my thinking and remembering what I value. This is how I can undo my unhealthy thought patterns.

I have met my nutrition and fitness goals, so it’s time for new goals! Setting small and attainable goals has really helped to motivate me. I sometimes feel as though I’m not progressing fast enough, but any move in the forward direction is good. It takes me in a direction away from where I no longer want to be.

Broccoli_smMy nutrition goal is to keep my average daily calorie count at or below 1500 and to make sure I get at least 3 servings of vegetables. I notice I have been eating a lot of fruit, but not so much vegetables. I like vegetables and am probably eating more than I think. I think my resistance comes from the amount of work it takes to prepare them. (Or maybe it’s just my imagined idea of the amount of work). I am happy to order them at a restaurant, if they are available. I especially like when vegetables are offered as an alternative to the potato/rice selection on the menu. The next few weeks, I want to track how much vegetables I am eating so that I am conscious of it. When I say 3 servings, I think of that sort of loosey-goosey. If I have broccoli at dinner, I consider that one serving no matter how much I eat. Unless it’s a whole lot, then I might consider it as two servings. I consider a salad as one serving also, even though a large salad with a variety of vegetables in it is probably more than one serving of vegetables. I don’t want to get caught up in serving size because, being a perfectionist; I have found taking it to that level for me is a deterrent not a motivator. The aim here is to develop a lifestyle that’s not just healthy but realistic and maintainable.mile accomplishmentI have a major achievement to share! Yesterday I did my mile in 16:20 minutes! It blew me away since I struggle so much with adding the jog into my walking. My recent mile attempts have been (from earliest to latest): 17:36, 17:33, 18:00, 17:45, 18:30, 16:20. I really struggle to get a time under 18 minutes and get very out of breath trying.

My fitness goal is to maintain at least an average of 12 minutes per day, and to add in one session of strength work. I’m thinking to keep it simple I can start with the 30 Day Shred DVD since I have that on hand. I have some other DVD’s I can try also and there’s always exercise on cable television. I usually prefer strength training to cardio training. It makes me feel strong physically and emotionally. Cardio makes me feel weak all around. I am so out of shape now that I am thinking the strength workout will be very tough. This is all the more reason I need to do it. I cannot be healthy if I am weak.

Marching forward in a new week. Hope everyone has a great week of successes.