Cheat Day

Things are going well. Yesterday was cheat day. I’ve never tried using cheat days before and it sure was fun! I used eight extra points. I took a drive to Ikea and had a blast. I hadn’t been there in several years and I saw a lot more items that would incorporate into my decor than I remembered. I took snacks for the drive and even though I ate Swedish meatballs at Ikea, I shared them and ate less than half, none of the lingonberries and a small salad without dressing. Water to drink. My big cheat was a Friday night fish-fry. It’s a staple in the area where I live. I was very careful to under eat. I ordered the battered, fried fish. I like baked fish when I make it at home, but have a hard time finding good baked fish offered at our local fish-fries. I tell myself that I can always take the breading off, but rarely do since it is so yummy.

All the fruit I’m eating is hard on my reflux. My heartburn is becoming very painful. I am switching to eating more vegetables as point-free instead of the fruit. I have some bananas and will shop for other less acidic fruits like melons. I am hoping that losing weight will help my heartburn. I slept upright on the couch last night – no fun!

All-in-all, I’m feeling good about my progress. I’m slowly learning to use the online system. I’m being patient with the hunger pains and keeping up with the exercise. I would like to start looking at the blogs and message boards that the system offers.