Last Week’s Goals


A week ago, I resolved to stick to some goals for the week to get more focused and see results on the scale. I did pretty well except for getting to bed early. I didn’t stay up super late, but missed the 9:30 mark. I am fortunate to be able to sleep in if I need to to make up for later bedtimes, but I’m trying to get in a habit of early to bed, early to rise. It just seems healthier (mentally and physically).

It was really hard to drink that much water. I could tell I really needed it though. Also, logging my food was a big help. It kept me near my goal calorie limit. So between eating less and drinking enough water, I did feel much better. Less tummy problems, more energy.

I have to relate a funny story. One day this week I woke up with a headache and felt super tired. The day before, my workout had been hard to do. I thought maybe I was coming down with the flu since my husband had been sick the week before. I worked out anyways and got through it, but it was hard. By noon, I was still feeling tired and head-achy and I thought I would try another cup of coffee to see if that helped. That’s when I realized I had been drinking decaf the last two days. Ugh! The kind of coffee I buy is very difficult to tell the difference between the regular and decaf in the packaging. What a dingbat I am! I guess I learned two things from this: my body really is used to/needing some caffeine and caffeine seems to help give me energy for my workouts. I guess that’s okay for now since I still consider myself a beginner. But, yikes, I didn’t like how difficult it was for me to work out without my morning coffee.

This focus on goals this week definitely helped see the scale go down. Almost every day I was seeing a new lower weight. I was up in weight last Sunday, but nevertheless, this Sunday (a week later) I was down 4.5 pounds from then! Just the motivation I needed. I will keep tracking my water and food intake this upcoming week.

Goals for the Week

I thought it might help me if I set some daily goals for the week and put them out here for some accountability. I got up this morning pretty dehydrated and realized I haven’t been drinking much water lately. This week I’d like to focus on how much water I drink and eating better at dinner. My healthy lifestyle is still more of a project than it is a lifestyle. As long as I give it all my attention, I do alright. But as soon as I start putting my attention on other (important) things I start slacking. I think it just takes time and eventually gets to where healthy behaviors become more habit and what would be considered a lifestyle.


2014 Goals

January is flying by and I haven’t committed to goals for this year yet. So here goes. It’s hard for me to commit publicly, because I don’t want to find at the end of the year I didn’t follow through or ignored my goals and have to admit failure. Blogging does a good job of keeping myself accountable. Having goals is a great way for me to measure if I’m progressing in living life according to my values. I find myself very motivated by goals if they support my values.

Weight, Health, Fitness Goals

1. Reach goal weight by Thanksgiving. That means a loss of 37 pounds or 0.8 lb/week to reach 135, which is what I’ve set as my goal weight. This seems like a reasonable weight for this year, although I’m not sure if it’s the best weight for myself. It’s in my healthy BMI range, but it’s more than I used to weigh when I was younger and at a good weight. I guess I won’t know until I get there.

2. Exercise minimum 30 minutes/day for 6 days/week (average). I’m in this habit now and would like to continue it. Forever.

3. Complete Couch to 5k program (my version). My version means being able to run the whole distance. This may take the 26 weeks I have planned (or less would be nice) but if it takes all year, I don’t care, as long as I complete it with running the whole distance.

4. Complete the Color Run. Already signed up for May.

5. Strengthen my arms and shoulders. They’ve always been my weakest and having had frozen shoulders (yes, both) a year ago has left them extra weak. I don’t have a measure for this goal yet. Maybe how many pushups I can do?

Blogging Goals

1. Upgrade to my own domain. Continue to learn and experiment.

2. Include other aspects of my life such as: personal goals, fashion, cooking, reading, gratitude. I don’t have a measure for this, it’s probably not technically a goal.

Personal Goals

1. Read some books I’ve been meaning to. I love to collect books, then not actually read them. I have a list of 15 books to plow through this year. They are all non-fiction of the self-help or spiritual type.

2. Read 5 fiction books. I used to read a lot of fiction and somewhere over the years I stopped. I miss it.

3. Dejunk the house. This is long overdue and I’m excited to have the time this year to get this done. The basement and all the closets, cupboards and drawers. My goal is to visit each one and clean it out. Wonder if I should include the garage in this goal?

4. Keep a gratitude journal. I said this awhile back and haven’t done it yet. My goal is to start it before the end of January and to maintain it the full year.

5. Cook. One new recipe a week. At least 52 new recipes this year – yum.

6. Fashion. I don’t have a measure for this goal. I’ve never been much up on fashion and I have started following some fashion blogs of women my age to learn some things and to tap into that neglected side of myself. This goal is meant to boost my self-esteem. I would like to be brave enough to post pictures of myself in outfits, so this is sort of a goal.

I have lots of vague ideas for other goals, but decided to limit it to the above goals as being most important so that I don’t have an overwhelming amount of things I’m working on and tracking.

Personal Theme for 2014

While doing the New Year’s Eve guided meditation, I was asked to come up with a theme word for 2014. I instantly thought “Love”. As a Christian, I believe love is the most important thing to focus on in life: love of self, family, others, God. I’m not sure what this means in terms of goals and this weight and fitness blog or even what it means in my personal life. But this gives me a focus and something to think about this year.


Have you ever thought about what would be a good theme word for you for the year?

Do you have one main theme for your life?

Would having a theme word give you focus and motivation for the year?