Bye Bye Vacation


Sunset atop South Mountain on the last evening of vacation

I’m just taking a moment to ceremoniously say good-bye to vacation. I’ve been home a week now and still have not gotten all the way back into normal life. I’ve had a week to mourn the loss of relaxation, fun, hiking, spring training, sunshine, blue skies, colorful bright flowers, warmth, swimming, sandals, one layer of clothing, great food, smiles and laughter, new adventures. Now I will move forward and get back to reality and get on with my plan for healthy living. This is a great time for me to thank all you bloggers that provide so much inspiration and encouragement and entertainment that helps me every day on my journey. Thanks!

This is the gray-brown I came home to

This is the gray-brown cold I came home to!

Weighing In

Even though I’ve been home from vacation for a few days, I can’t really say good-bye to it here on the blog because I still have one more hike to tell you about. However, I want to get back in the habit of reporting on my weekly Wednesday weigh ins. My weight was a little high when I got home from vacation. I was so thrilled to be able to eat my regular food again! With a few days of clean eating, I weighed in this morning at a pound less than my last ‘official’ weigh in three weeks ago. That was the one where I had weighed the same thing four weeks in a row. Yay! That’s a pound in the right direction finally!

I definitely had a great time eating (and drinking) some good things, so I’m happy I didn’t overdo it. I feel better now, physically, eating my normal food. I haven’t gotten back into exercising again. I’m really worried about my lack of ambition and that it will be super hard getting into the routine again. But there really is no other choice if I want to be healthy and strong and full of energy.

In my area, we are expecting a warm up this weekend. I hope everyone out there getting blasted with snow and cold will see the same warm up!