Day 2

Yesterday went much better than the last two weeks. I really focused on who the “new me” was and reached out to recover her. I can’t thank you readers enough for all the encouragement and sound advice you gave me regarding my last post. It was quite a reality check too. I get thinking negative things and over time they just snowball to where I can’t see reality beyond the lies my mind is telling me. Thank you!


I took my walk in the hot sunshine. It was a very slow walk. Most of that was not due to my lack of energy though. Mid afternoon is busy in my neighborhood. We have narrow streets, no sidewalks. When cars go by, I have to pull the dog in close and either hug the very edge of the road or go into the brush on the side of the road. Yesterday I had lots of cars, a school bus and a home improvement truck that drove past me four times. On the fourth time I was going to snap a pic of his license plate, but I didn’t get my camera out soon enough. I thought it was unlikely he was up to no good since he was advertising his business on the side of the truck, but you never know.

But the real slowness, I think, was the horrible shoes I choose to wear. They were so hard to walk in! (I’ll put up a separate post about the shoes.)

My dog was not too happy about the heat. He really is showing his age (almost 11). We went two miles and in spite of walking so slow, I did ask him to run up a couple of the hills (just inclines, not big hills or anything) at fast speed. He loves to run and is very fast. It’s more that his endurance has gone way down. He hasn’t started having old-age problems yet. We went through a couple years with our other golden retriever suffering from arthritis, seizures and messing in the house. I’m not looking forward to those times again.

I went past some lilacs in bloom that smelled so nice. I was thinking it was so nice to have some signs of the end to our cold weather.


I ate well yesterday. Here’s my daily intake captured in pictures. It was about 1300 calories. That’s much better than it has been lately. I went to bed hungry too, but that’s ok. It won’t last. If I eat the right things, the hunger pains and cravings will lessen.


In putting these pictures together I noticed how much of my pantry has become filled with organic foods. The only things I ate yesterday that were not organic were for lunch: the corn tortillas, salsa and cheese. I live in a small town and finding organic foods is a challenge. I try to shop if I’m in the city.

Yesterday was my volunteer morning, so I just grabbed the nut and fruit bar to take along. The hardest part of eating yesterday was the afternoon snack. I wanted an ice cream pop. They’re so yummy and only 200 calories. So easy too, just unwrap and eat. No washing, cutting, cooking, etc. But there’s also nothing healthy in the ice cream pop and plenty of not so healthy things. So I had an apple and drank lots of coconut flavored carbonated water (no calories, no artificial sweetener) to get through till dinner.

The whole day of eating could have been improved with more vegetables and less grains that is more typical of how I eat. For one thing, I usually don’t eat grains at dinner and often prepare two vegetables instead. I really do love vegetables and it feels like a complete meal if there’s three items on the plate.

Now to regain the exercise side of “new me”.

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been up to a whole lot of repeating the same defeating pattern of good days, bad days.

Two weeks ago: After a couple weeks of feeling discouraged and frustrated, I found my motivation back and began exercising again with the best way I know to get me back in the swing of things. Walking. I decided to up my previous 30 min/day goal to 60 minutes. I hopped on the treadmill, didn’t care about speed and pressed the stop button exactly at 60 minutes. Two days in a row! Then…

Sa & Su: on the couch, sick. Bad way to spend a weekend with long-awaited gorgeous weather. Not to mention very unhealthy food choices.

M: great weather continues, still can’t taste my food. I put on my best walking shoes, leash up the dog, armed with plenty of kleenex and hit the neighborhood roads. 60+ minutes of walking in the fresh air! I’m beat.

T: Start eating better. Time to check on new turf. Drive over to the local bike path with furry friend in tow. Trail heavily rutted from from bike wheels and footprints (human and canine). Path runs in empty land along busy highway. Attempt jogging. Pathetic. 60+ minutes of trying.

W: volunteer day. No exercise. Weigh in day. Weigh the same thing as last week. Two months at about the same weight.

R: Continue exploring new turf. Take the bike path in the opposite direction through town. Interesting perspective on the town seeing the back yards of businesses and homes. 60+ minutes of walking/jogging along tree lined, sometimes dirt, sometimes paved path.

bike trail2

F & Sa & Su: housework, cooking, entertaining. No exercise. Eating unhealthy food. These kinds of days I have the attitude of “I-don’t-have-time-to-exercise”. Bah! At least I wasn’t on the couch all day.

Today: I would like to work on having more good days than bad days. Right now it seems like they are canceling each other out. Today I am tracking my food again. It’s one thing I know that really can help me stay focused. Yogurt/raspberries/granola for breakfast (I only sprinkle the granola, 1/4 serving amount) and green salad for lunch. Catfish (cajun seasoned, pan-fried in olive oil) and brussels sprouts planned for dinner.

It’s very cold and rainy this morning. The warm, sunny weather has left. When I finish writing, I will hit the treadmill in the basement. For now, I will keep with the 60+ minutes and see how that goes. It looks like this whole week is treadmill weather. Here’s what the forecast looks like:





I’m holding myself accountable and reporting on the first day (yesterday) of 30+ minutes of exercise for this week. It was such a lovely, gorgeous early fall day! With the temperature at 68 and the sun shining, it was a perfect day for a nice long walk. I walked 2.5 miles and didn’t rush, taking pictures along the way. I found it tricky taking pix with a phone camera, bright sunshine and a dog on leash.

driveThe gorgeous dappled shade greeted me in the driveway and shaded us through a large part of the 2.5 miles. Most of this walk includes houses on one side of the road and the other side is beautiful woods, cornfields and marshland.

deerflyEntering my favorite stretch of the walk, wandering through woods and marsh.

sumacMost everything is still green. There is a bit of red and yellow appearing. Sumac here in the fall is brilliant red. Occasionally, a yellow leaf would flutter to the ground in front of us as we walked.

marshThe marshy wetlands. This is where the deer flies attack in season.

cornbarnSmall town scenery. Cornfield and barn with a clear blue sky.

cloudsHere is where I have turned around and will retrace the route back home. Our main road (behind me in this pic) is under construction right now so I had to walk all the way and check out the progress. I took this picture to show the beautiful high whispy clouds in the bright blue sky.

buddyMy walking buddy is pretty tired and we’re only half-way done! Poor guy’s age is starting to show.

I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful area for walking. I will miss the nature soon when it gets too cold and gray and brown here.