Hips + HIIT and Pounds + Feet

Hip Pain

Last Thursday when I was on the treadmill, I got the idea to push myself mentally and see if I could set my speed higher than I’ve ever run before. It was a lot of fun and I loved the challenge. Somewhere during the 3 miles, I noticed a pain in my upper hip. I took a day off after that, but the next day I repeated the same 3 mile workout. I felt the same pain, so I took another day off. The following day I thought I would just do a mile and see how it felt. Well it hurt quite a bit and I ended up walking the second half mile and called it quits.

This is one reason why I have not been pushing too hard, fear of getting hurt. By this time, my hip was hurting at night in bed. I tried to research it, but my goodness, there are so many things going on with the hip anatomy. I’m going to assume it’s just a strained something or other and it will heal if I am kind to it.

Going forward, I want to spend more time strengthening and stretching to help prevent this happening again. I had almost eliminated both those things recently for some reason. I also need to think about my form a little. I don’t think I’m a natural runner. By that I mean, I have a lazy mind, not a speedy one. I do everything in life slower than most people. Some of this is that I’m very thorough. Most of it is because I’m a thinker more than a doer. I’m a natural couch potato. So what all this means, is that when I run I don’t take enough steps per minute and tend to leave my foot on the ground too long (letting it go too far behind me).

I don’t know much about anatomy or training. I’m a total amateur. For now I just want to run. I like the way it feels and I like how healthy it is for me.


Wednesday Weigh-In

I’m down 2.5 pounds from last week. It feels good to be losing weight again after plateauing for so long. It really helped that I didn’t gain any weight over last weekend like I usually do. Here comes another weekend.



I’ve joined 2 challenges for May. There’s the Kick Butt Challenge at Simply Fit Inside and Out. If you aren’t already following Staci’s blog, please check it out. She has great healthy tips. This challenge is about clean eating and HIIT workouts. Even though I started, I’m taking a break while my hip heals. I’m excited to try the HIIT workouts. I’m hoping for them to kick my butt!

I’ve also joined Lisa’s challenge for May. Take a look at her blog for great inspiration. For this challenge we were asked to pick a realistic, healthy goal for the month. My goal is to lose 5 pounds this month. That seems doable and will make a great start to summer.


New shoes

I received some new shoes this week from the “present man” (aka UPS driver). I was looking for some with a little stability for walking on uneven trails. I ordered these ASICS GEL-Scram 2 Trail Running Shoes online that I was able to get deeply discounted. They seemed a little wobbly when I tried them on. Hopefully they will be good for hiking this summer (if it ever warms up around here.)

asics sm

Weighing In

Even though I’ve been home from vacation for a few days, I can’t really say good-bye to it here on the blog because I still have one more hike to tell you about. However, I want to get back in the habit of reporting on my weekly Wednesday weigh ins. My weight was a little high when I got home from vacation. I was so thrilled to be able to eat my regular food again! With a few days of clean eating, I weighed in this morning at a pound less than my last ‘official’ weigh in three weeks ago. That was the one where I had weighed the same thing four weeks in a row. Yay! That’s a pound in the right direction finally!

I definitely had a great time eating (and drinking) some good things, so I’m happy I didn’t overdo it. I feel better now, physically, eating my normal food. I haven’t gotten back into exercising again. I’m really worried about my lack of ambition and that it will be super hard getting into the routine again. But there really is no other choice if I want to be healthy and strong and full of energy.

In my area, we are expecting a warm up this weekend. I hope everyone out there getting blasted with snow and cold will see the same warm up!

Anxiety and Weight

178.5 on Monday. Last week was very busy and stressful. I stopped entering in myfitnesspal and didn’t exercise at all. I still managed to do alright, weight-wise. I have spent the beginning of this week getting back on track emotionally and have begun logging food and exercising again.

One thing I paid attention to last week was how that stress (it’s anxiety for me) affected my appetite. I’m the same weight I was last May and the weight I gained in between then and the end of June was due mostly to anxiety. Eating is my knee jerk reaction to anxiety. I’m working on changing that (the anxiety and the reaction to it). Lately I have lost a lot of that gnawing hunger that anxiety gives me and feel I have better control over my appetite. Unfortunately it started reappearing last week! I found myself frequently feeling that sense of panicky frustration followed by hunger followed by me walking towards food. I was very observant of this and tried to talk myself out of eating. I reminded myself that I was “hungry” due to anxiety and tried to think of alternatives like drinking tea or water. I paid attention to which activities were causing the anxiety and tried to change what I was doing when I could. I found that keeping super busy helped too because then I didn’t have time or opportunity to run to the fridge. Busy work itself doesn’t cause me anxiety either.

This process is very difficult for me. Eating does soothe anxiety and it is also a distraction from anxiety. I don’t want it to be my solution to anxiety any more. This will take time and hard work.

I am grateful to have a quiet week where I can refocus and be kind to myself! Now, everyone give yourself a hug and be kind to yourself!