New workouts


I had a great Valentine’s weekend. But I ate out every night: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I didn’t make the worst food choices, but it seemed more like I was in maintenance mode than weight loss mode. Oh well, I don’t regret my choices. I had a lot of fun and was happy to have a break from weight loss mode.

I decided to step up my workouts. Doing just the c25k has become a little stale for me and I feel as though I’m not working hard enough the way I toned down the plan. I initially decided I wouldn’t go beyond a mile until I could run the whole mile (plus walking warmup and cool down time). I’m almost at that point, but I’m stuck still having to walk 3-4 times for 15 seconds to catch my breath. Some days it feels like such a physical struggle to get through the whole mile, and other days, I’m pretty sure it’s a mental struggle. Some days when I’m feeling strong at the end of the mile, I continue running past the mile mark. I try not to fret so much about my slow progress and when I can I push myself harder. But I’m suspecting that I could/should work harder. I really think that once I can run the whole mile I will progress better, or at least I hope so. I have to remember that I’ve never been a runner, never been able to run and just six months ago, I struggled to walk a mile.

I’m going to try working out twice a day so I can add some variety to what I have been doing. Saturday my new Rockin’ Body DVD came in the mail. I reviewed all the routines on Sunday and I’m a little worried that most of the movement is sideways as is typical of dance movement. My left hip does not like sideways movement very much. I also dusted off some of my old workout DVDs and came up with a plan for this week. I’m still trying to find stairs near me to climb, but haven’t come up with any within 10 miles yet. Any I can think of are actually 15+ miles away. But I will keep thinking of where some might be. In the meantime, I think I will try using my basement stairs which is nowhere near as fun as outdoors.

Here’s what I plan to do:

c25k: long walk (45-60 min)
review new Rockin’ Body DVDs

c25k: strength – Biggest Loser Strength & Sculpt (35 min)
Rockin’ Body – Mark, Move & Groove (15 min)

c25k: run 1 mile
Rockin’ Body – Booty Time (30 min)

c25k: rest
Rockin’ Body – Mark, Move & Groove (15 min)
and stairs

c25k: run 1 mile
Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred (20 min)

c25k: strength – Jillian Michaels – No More Trouble Zones (50 min)
Rockin’ Body – Mark, Move & Groove (15 min)

c25k: run 1.1 mile
Rockin’ Body – Party Express (25 min)

2 thoughts on “New workouts

  1. Impressive plan! One sentence jumped out at me. You said something like I have to remember six months ago I couldn’t even walk a mile. WOW. I hope you’re pausing to celebrate the amazing new lifestyle you’re creating. This is so awesome. I totally get this. Before I started my weight loss journey it was effort to get out of a chair, much less walk or run. I don’t love running, but I do love walking. So I’ve mostly chosen longer wanderings instead of running. But as I’ve gotten stronger sometimes I WANT to run for a short distance.


    • Thanks so much for your thoughts! I don’t think I do celebrate my accomplishments that much. I really struggle with running, but I love a challenge. I don’t want to give up on my dream of running until I have really tried. Congrats on your success! I love walking too 🙂


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