Gearing Up

In reviving this blog… I’ve gotten as far as determining that Monday will be weigh in day to help keep myself accountable over the weekends. Tomorrow I will post my first official weigh in. I went to Walmart and purchased a T-shirt and pants in a range of sizes so that I can post comparison pictures throughout my journey. I sure hope I don’t get stuck in the largest size and will be able to post progress showing smaller sizes!

The clerk asked me if I knew someone who worked at Walmart. I looked at her confused, like “why?” She said because I was buying so many blue shirts (the clerks are required to wear blue shirts). I had to laugh! I got my gumption together and told her the truth. I said the only color that had all the different sizes I wanted was blue and I was using them as motivation to lose weight. She had a nice story to tell me about her mother-in-law who lost over a hundred pounds on the all protein diet.

Blue is my favorite color, so it’s fine with me. And, who knows, some day I may work at Walmart. Not too far fetched an idea since I am currently unemployed.

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