Things are looking good

This has been a great week for weight loss and fitness for me. My weight was a couple pounds high on Monday as is typical after the weekend. Determined to make some progress, I started Monday by tracking what I eat in myfitnesspal. I was disappointed with how many calories I ended up with. The same for Tuesday. But on Wednesday when I weighed in, I was down a pound from the week before. That’s my lowest recorded weight so far and maybe I’m finally breaking the plateau. This goes to show that without tracking I was getting a lot more calories and that tracking really does help me to reign in the over-consumption.

If you are not seeing the weight loss you would like to see and are not tracking calories consumed, give it a try! There’s lots of options out there now. My fitness pal has such a good database now that I just scan everything with my phone and it’s so easy. The only thing with my fitness pal is because it’s used so much and the database is huge, there are lots of errors in it. (I think it’s not just human error, I think products change their calories per serving/serving size over time too). So I always need to double check the accuracy.

I finally had a good walk/run yesterday on the treadmill. I don’t know why, but lately I have struggling so much to run. I don’t get very far and feel too weak and out of breath. So I’ve been walking for a longer time in hopes that it will build some endurance back. Yesterday I was able to run more of the time, for longer stretches and at a little higher speed. And I felt good about the workout. I was dripping with sweat! I just have to accept that some days will be good and some not. Have patience with the process and stick with it. Maybe if I keep at it, there will eventually be more good than bad days, but I can’t let bad days discourage me. I have to remember that there’s a good day in the future that makes it all worth while!

This week brings a couple of eating challenges. Last night we decided it was high time to catch up with our good neighbor friends (a married couple about our age) since we haven’t swapped vacation stories yet. They were on vacation the same time we were in a different warm, sunny location. My neighbor is a runner and one of the first people to originally inspire me to run. She totally rocks! She does really well with her running, a natural. Well, back to the eating challenge… We went to a local dive bar that has really cheap and good tacos on Thursdays. Bar and tacos, whoa! How to make a good choice there? Here’s how it worked. I got the chicken tacos (chunky breast meat) with no shell and a side of rice. The chicken with a sprinkle of cheese, lettuce and salsa was delicious! I only tasted the rice, since I don’t usually eat carbs for dinner. And to drink? Well they make this awesome beer that only has 64 calories (I know, why bother, right?). Hey, it’s not the worst and lets you feel like you fit in with the bar crowd (LOL). The point of the visit was catching up on friendship, not eating and drinking, and we had a great time talking.

The second eating challenge will be tonight. The plan is to go to Good Friday service with my daughter and her boyfriend, followed by pizza for dinner. This will be a non-alcoholic meal, so there’s one battle won. The boyfriend is from Staten Island, born and raised. Since coming to the midwest six months ago, he hasn’t been able to find good pizza, because we all know the only good pizza is found on Staten Island (?!?). He got a lead on a good pizza and that’s why we are having pizza tonight. So the point of this meal is to eat pizza! Oh, dear. I think I’m supposed to have a plan in place ahead of time, but I don’t yet. I have all day to think about it…

I am grateful that the rest of the weekend does not include any more eating challenges. We will have a quiet Easter alone. I love to eat out and I love all kinds of food. Eating out is one of my greatest challenges in weight loss.

5 thoughts on “Things are looking good

  1. Glad to hear that you had an excellent week! Having a running neighbor may give you a workout buddy some day. That would be fun! Restaurants are always a challenge. Some places post their menus online, but most don’t. Do the best that you can and hope for the best! Pizza is one of those foods that everyone thinks that theirs is the best. I totally get that too. I love (or loved, I try not to have pizza) my local pizzeria, but when my family comes up, they’re not crazy about it.


    • That’s so true about pizza. I’m lucky to not have a favorite pizza. Sometimes a local one is good and then not good the next time. But, like you, I try not to eat it. It’s shocking to me how many calories it has. I keep meaning to try the cauliflower crust pizza, but haven’t yet.


      • It’s a calorie bomb! lol I find pizza to be like sugar, the longer that you stay away from it, the less you crave it.


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