Ditching the Sugar

I got some great feedback from my last post about my 5 pound weight gain and have been trying to implement some of your suggestions. So far I’ve been eliminating sugar, stopped buying junk food, stopped having protein shakes after my workouts, eating real food and posted my Action Plan on the refrigerator.

action plan

Eliminating sugar has been a slow process, but I’m having good success. I still have some sugar in foods, but now no candy or sweets. For example, I have not yet eliminated things like barbecue sauce (and may never!) and the packets of organic oatmeal that include sugar. Once the oatmeal is gone, I will switch to plain. I really like the natural sweetness of whole grains and prefer them plain or sometimes with oatmeal I add a little maple syrup. I have never liked the whole wheat breads on the market because they add too much sugar or honey for my taste. I prefer my sandwiches to lean towards the savory palate than sweet. Well, I don’t eat sandwiches very often, but if I do…

I struggled with bad cravings and frustration over what to eat instead of sweets. But the cravings are becoming less and I’m starting to be more comfortable picking healthy alternatives. Goodness, for a long time I ate very little sugar or white flour, it’s sounds odd to be in this place.

At the same time, I am beginning to reject white flour items also. This is much easier for me since don’t really care for white flour items that much. It’s just convenient to eat a hamburger on a bun, etc. My husband also loves all things white flour, so I think I’ve just let him win the war lately, so to speak.

Without counting calories or restricting my portions in any way, I have lost 3 of those 5 pounds just by eating healthier.

I am still struggling with being well rested. I really need to get tough with myself on this. I need to go to bed at an earlier time. I get up most days at 4:45 to work out. Ha, it was 4:30, but I scrimped out 15 minutes from my waking up time so that I could sleep 15 minutes longer. Not bad, but I really need to just go to bed earlier!

I’m still rethinking the exercise. I’ve basically cut back for now, but for a lot of other reasons too. So, still thinking how to change things up. Here’s a picture from this morning of the park where I run on the bike trail. It’s so peaceful and serene and just beautiful there. A great way to start the day.


A family of turkeys is back in our neighborhood this year. Praying none of the neighbors gets any ideas of Thanksgiving dinner. There’s 7-8 little ones πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Ditching the Sugar

  1. So encouraging to read that a few simple changes have allowed you to lose 3lb without even having to calory count. That is music to my ears because I have tried and failed so many times to consistently calory count and put more weight on when Ib stopped. Your post made me realize that losing weight can be done with some sensible changes to diet without being excessive. I like the idea of a few simple goals. For now, whilst I tag-teaming Winter illness with the rest of the family, I have a sign on my mirror saying “You are 4 sizes bigger than you should be. What are you going to do about it today?” :). All the best with your weight loss. I believe you will quickly lose the last 2lb and more because you are finding ways to be consistent without depriving yourself of all the things you love to eat.


    • So glad you are encouraged. I used to count calories all the time, and that worked well then. But lately I can’t get myself to do it more than a day or two. It’s so much extra work. For now I’m happy to concentrate on making sure that everything I eat is nourishing to my body. I think I’ve finally learned how important that is. Thank you for your kind words.
      Good luck with your weight loss, stay positive! Hope you feel better soon.

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      • Thanks Cynthia. I’m much the same- counting calories used to be a bit like a game to me and if I went over, I would try to do some form of exercise to outweigh it. Sugar has become a bit of an addiction for me though, especially since I started drinking coffee and can’t drink it without 2 teaspoons of sugar. That was a catalyst for other bad snacking habits. Lately we haven’t had much snack food in the house and that has helped me stay stable in weight. Exercise is my missing link and also portion sizes/ sugar. If I could make veggies taste better I could use more of those too. Hope we both conquer our mountains!


  2. I found that when I eliminated the vast majority of the sweets (except the BBQ sauce), when I do eat or drink something with sugar the sweetness overpowers the taste of the food. I found the same to be true with salt. I do eat a lot of fresh fruit. Don’t get discouraged but be patient and keep working towards your goal. πŸ™‚


  3. Yeah ! Congratulations ! You are going to get there, that is sure ! And I love your writing by the way !!! Hugs to you πŸ˜‰


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