Kick in the Pants Challenge

Just when I was thinking of “giving up” for the upcoming holiday season… along came this challenge! It’s hard losing weight without a support system and that’s the bonus of blogging.

It’s fall and getting cold where I live. Cuddling with my cat and a good book and a glass of wine (or any delicious carb-filled beverage) in front of the fire sounds more appealing than bundling up and heading out for a walk full of runny nose and windblown cheeks. Or another option I prefer would be to surf through blogs filled with delicious recipes, planning what to serve guests during the holidays. (Oh, that sounds like trouble with a capital T).

Too cold outside? I do have a dusty treadmill, and an elliptical, in the basement. That’s right, in the basement where it’s dark and cobwebs lurk overhead. I had a kind of nice setup at one time with a TV and some floor matting. But it’s deteriorated where the TV broke, the cat has overtaken the mats and the build up of junk on the fringes has begun creeping into the “nice” space. But it’s too cold for me outside and I need to fix the space back up (or join a gym) to stay motivated to exercise.

I don’t want to “give up” for the holidays. I want to be healthy, stronger, have more energy and feel better about myself. That’s what I want. So I’m taking up Katy’s challenge and keep moving toward my goals in any way I can. To be honest, since I re-started this journey a few months ago, I have lost a few pounds (12) and do feel healthier, stronger, have more energy and do feel better about myself. I definitely do not want to lose that and only want it to get better!

Please check out this low-key, fun challenge of Katy’s and sign up if you need a kick in the pants like me.

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