Oh so close to breaking through

Last week was just not a very good week. It was due to personal issues, but I’m glad some things got resolved and things are looking brighter. I did some good stuff though. A lot of shopping, which I don’t really like to do, but who doesn’t love new stuff and toys?


I made a commitment to go to a social event for Darling’s work. I didn’t realize it was on Tuesday evening. And then it took me awhile to remember it was Zumba night. There goes another missed class. Well, this chicken-s**t knows enough time passed, I’ve lost my nerve. I give up on Zumba and take it as money lost. I just don’t have it in me anymore to go and “suffer” through it.

Social Event

The pre-event was not fun. On top of my normal social anxiety, I had n.o.t.h.i.n.g. to wear. Really. Weight loss can be a pain sometimes. I went to the store, spent an hour trying on a million things and came home with some options. I then spent two hours trying on things again and nothing looked “right”. All my weight is in my middle, so it’s pretty tough to find clothes that fit well all around. I ended up with the last thing I tried on. I think I need to be more prepared.

The event itself was a lot of fun. It was a small catered picnic at a private residence on a small lake. Most people were local, but some from around the country and one from China. A few I had met before. I loved all the shop-talk and it made me miss working. I joined right in as though I were an employee! I even felt I didn’t do too bad picking from the buffet. I went heavy on the vegetables, but they had too much dressings and oils. One weakness was I took a spoonful of cheesy hash brown casserole. Yum. Then later in the evening, the host stood up and gave quite a speech about the cake. Let’s just say, he made it sound like this was the best cake in the world and he even said we do not want to miss it. I was quite comfortable, not hungry at all. But after that speech, I ate cake!


I’m on track with the Galloway Improve Your 5k plan, except that I didn’t get last week’s long run done until today. It should have been done some time Fri-Sun. I should be able to catch up this week. I really like this approach. The week before’s long run was 3 miles. When I was done, all I could think was I can’t wait till next week’s long run! I’m sticking with the 30 sec run / 30 sec walk for now. So far, it gives me a much better runner’s high and I don’t need to gasp for air. The whole time is more enjoyable.

Today was 4 miles (4.6 with walking warm up and cool down). I decided to go on the bike trail through town. It’s mostly gravel and was pretty wet from our recent rains. I was happy to not see any deer flies and only a couple mosquitoes at the end. It was 72 and cloudy and sprinkly. But the path is lined on both sides with trees and brush, so there’s no breeze. I was hot. I must be doing okay because today my 5k time was the same as my Color Run time a month ago and this is with half the time walking! I enjoy the encouragement and tips Jeff gives during the workout. The beat to the music really helps me too.


I made a contract with myself on stickk.com to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks so that hopefully I can break through my 160 lb. mental block. That was last Monday when I weighed 163 (yikes). I’ve been bouncing around between 162 and 161 mostly for awhile. In fact, I weighed 160 on May 2nd. This morning I again saw 160, so there’s hope. I want to at least break through and if I have to settle, then at least under 160. But better yet, keep on losing.

More on shopping next time {rubs hands together and smiles}, but one purchase that you will most likely hear me talk a lot about in the future, because I’m so excited about it, is my spiralizer.

zucchini noodles

Tonight’s dinner was organic chicken breast sliced and seasoned with Italian seasoning and sprinkled with 1 oz. shredded parmesan and 1 oz. panko bread crumbs (for two large boneless breast pieces) then baked. Served with a side of “spaghetti” made with a jar of organic pasta sauce with added organic spinach (a whole package) on organic zucchini “noodles” made with the spiralizer. This whole thing was very quick, I was in a hurry, but it was delicious.

11 thoughts on “Oh so close to breaking through

  1. I’ve heard the zucchini noodles are awesome. I’m sad about no Zumba but you shouldn’t force yourself if you really don’t want to go. Keep up the good work!


  2. I know people seem to love those group classes but I just don’t! I don’t know if I’m anti-social or just don’t want people to see how awkward that I am! lol If I ever sign up and commit to those type things…they are most definitely money wasted for me. I guess I like running because it’s “me” time when I choose. I also love the social part of organized runs, too. Nice job on your running. Galloway is awesome! I used his method on my first half marathon. It is important to enjoy your run as much as possible. What I have found is the “right before” the run and the anticipation is worse than when my feet hit the pavement. Keep it up and you are certainly getting to your goal weight. I have no doubt that you will. Your meals look great. I want to eat at your place! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Charlotte, for the encouragement. I am starting to feel better about the running. I do seem to love to cook, just not every day. And I really do enjoy eating at a restaurant too where someone else does all the work.


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